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Growth Therapist helps apps go big
with a data-driven creative strategy at heart.

User acquisition aligned with creative production.

Consistent Creative Testing and Iteration

Deep Performance Marketing & Creative Analysis

Efficient Campaign & Creative Iteration

"They developed UGC-style ads for us and relentlessly split-tested them which helped us improve our D1 retention from 30% to 50%."


Christopher York, CEO, Blue Ox Family Games, Inc.

Every app deserves the best marketing.

We help mobile apps significantly trim down their CPI and CAC, and we know where the pain lies.

Core Competences

User Acquisition
Data-driven Creatives
Product-Market-"Marketing" Fit
Meta, Google, Apple Search
Organic growth
ROAS optimization

"Their professional attitude and in-depth knowledge of the profession made the collaboration extremely effective! Thanks, Growth Therapist!"


Simon Bail, Climony CEO


Launch 🌱


What's included:

  • Slack support
  • Overall audit of channels
  • Steer strategy

Scale 🌊

to scale?

What's included:

  • Full-Fledged UA
  • Ad production
  • Reporting & ASO

Create 🤳

ad production?

What's included:

  • Creating creative engine
  • Shooting ads in-house and external
  • Ideation, Script, Edit

"They are very thesis-driven and provide clarity into the approach they believe in - creates trust."


Simon Sardoschau, Alpakas CEO

Questions answered

In a nutshell, what do you do?

We help apps in user acquisition with a data-driven creative strategy at heart.

Why did I build Growth Therapist?

Growth Therapist proves its worth by implementing data-driven creative strategies. In the last decade, I observed that apps frequently prioritized user acquisition, tracking, and reporting, often ignoring the power of creatives. In the age of machine learning, creatives are responsible for 90% of your performance yet get 10% of the attention. This needs to change.

Our growth studio emphasizes balancing proficient user acquisition and a data-infused creative strategy. Our approach moves beyond imitation, opting for a tailored, structured process built around each app's creative requirements.We recognize the value in providing a comprehensive user acquisition service where all crucial components are delivered from a single source, thus maximizing efficiency.

Our services range from campaign management and app store optimization to creating and testing distinctive creatives.

Who is behind Growth Therapist?

This might be surprising, but Growth Therapist is a one-person growth studio run by Samet Durgun + his network of experts.

Is my business in your scope?

We work with all apps: in-app purchase, subscription, ad revenue based. Gaming and non-gaming.

What is your monthly retainer?

The retainers start from 3K a month for full-fledged marketing. We do offer consultancy packages for smaller apps which need direction.

I am an underrepresented and underfunded founder.

If you are queer, disabled, BIPOC or female and if you don't think you can afford consultancy, please feel encouraged to speak with us.

I can't decide right now. How can we stay in touch?

LinkedIn, and Growth Therapist newsletter are good places to be in touch.

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